Veliaj with the teachers: Tirana, the capital of great opportunities! The debate about newcomers that the opposition candidates make is racist

19:11 24/01/2023 Following the activities for the International Day of Education, from the gymnasium of the newly built “Sami Frashëri” school, where he met with the principals and teachers of Tirana’s schools, Mayor Veliaj said that the capital will continue to grow, as long as it provides the conditions every family dreams of having. “Like … Read more

Rama: Reward for teachers and educators from the Great Package

19:26 30/12/2022 Teachers and educators will benefit from the government’s Great Package, announced Prime Minister Edi Rama. Rewards for teachers and educators will be divided into two categories. Those who receive a salary below 60 thousand new Lek gross will benefit 20 thousand new Lek. Meanwhile, teachers and educators with a salary of over 60,000 … Read more

Teachers: The government has until Wednesday for salaries. Rama: Rublaxhins that do not serve Albania

12:42 01/11/2022 10 university lecturers announced that they will go on hunger strike. For the union, the government has until Wednesday to respond to their demands. “We are waiting until tomorrow for movement from the other side if there will be communication for talks. Until 16:00 we can expect the government to give some solution … Read more

Rama: Teachers’ salaries have increased more than others

17:23 21/10/2022 Commenting on the protest of lecturers who are demanding a salary increase, Prime Minister Edi Rama says that their salaries have increased more than others during this period. From Elbasan, in a meeting with the residents, the head of the government said that teachers have received a 15% increase, part from the government … Read more

Berisha: We condemn Rama’s threat to the head of the teachers’ union, telling him that he was an employee of SHIK

20:25 19/10/2022 In the meeting with the heads of the branches in Tirana, the chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, expressed his support for the teachers’ protest, as he added that the state of scientific research during the dictatorship was better than now. Sali Berisha: We can never accept this state of affairs. Albania … Read more

Rama: People SEE you at the teachers’ protest

15:46 19/10/2022 We will do the fiscal amnesty The Prime Minister has reiterated the government’s position not to increase the salary of lecturers by more than 7 percent, but has also commented on the organizers of their protest as persons connected to the opposition. “A SHIK figure cannot be imposed on him. They hold protests … Read more

Teachers’ protest, Berisha: Terror intervention to divide them. We have to go to the nation’s elite

13:54 19/10/2022 Sali Berisha gathered the parliamentary group this Wednesday. The head of the democrats said before the deputies of the blue headquarters, that the DP must become the master of the nation’s elite. The Chief Democrat commented on Prime Minister Edi Rama’s statements to the teachers. He said that the Democratic Party supports the … Read more

Rama: Teachers should forget about another salary increase. Protest, by a chain of pulpits to bring water to the ruble mill

13:32 19/10/2022 Prime Minister Edi Rama during a meeting with citizens in Gjirokastër said that teachers “forget that they will have another salary increase”. According to Rama, the next increase will be for retirees, teachers, nurses, doctors, policemen and soldiers. While the lecturers said that they can take it out by doing projects. “The ruble-sorba … Read more