The Assembly discusses the reports on “Territorial”

23:59 31/10/2022 The opposition wants 94 municipalities, SP says against In a special session, the two reports of the two political parties on the Territorial Reform were presented to the parliament. The opposition report that requires the change of the territorial administrative map and the transition from 61 municipalities and 12 districts to 94 municipalities … Read more

Bylykbashi submits to the Parliament the draft law on territorial reform: We propose 97 municipalities, 61 are a failure

14:34 25/10/2022 Today, Oerd Bylykbashi submitted to the Parliament the draft law for the territorial reform proposed by the Democratic Party. In a statement to the media, Bylykbashi emphasized that the Democratic Party demands a new territorial reform with 97 municipalities, while adding that the current territorial division of 61 municipalities is a failure. During … Read more

Two different reports on “Territorial”

16:30 21/10/2022 The bipartisan Territorial Reform Commission has not departed from the tradition of its peers. The majority and the democrats have presented two different reports at the end of the work. The first to not change the current map consisting of 61 municipalities and the second to increase their number to 94. But anyway, … Read more

Territorial reform, Balla: There is room for negotiations, it cannot be a political bargain

12:26 17/10/2022 Regarding the territorial reform, whether it will continue to be the same or it will change, Taulant Balla in a statement to the media says that there will be negotiations with the opposition, but according to his opinion, the map of the territorial reform should not change. “There is always room for negotiations, … Read more

Shkullak: The territorial division was political, there are municipalities that cannot pay the fines

13:44 11/10/2022 Armand Shkullaku was today in the news edition of Klan News, where he stated that the territorial division was political, which consisted more in the power of the SP than in the interests of the citizens. “The goal of this reform was not what was claimed, i.e. bringing the service closer to the … Read more

MPs supporting Alibeaj submit the draft law on “Territorial”

16:52 05/10/2022 As they had warned, a group of deputies of the Democratic Party submitted to the Assembly the bill for the new territorial division. The co-chair of the Territorial Reform Commission, Dhurata Çupi, said that the initiative filed in the Assembly envisages an increase of 33 in the number of municipalities from the current … Read more

Tabaku in favor of Berisha’s proposal for “Territorial”

16:38 05/10/2022 The democratic deputy also clarified the meeting with the ambassadors in the presidency of the Assembly Immediately after the ambassadors left the presidency of the Assembly, the democratic deputy, Jorida Tabaku, revealed in Klan News the meeting she and her colleagues had with them. “They were informed about the pro efforts and the … Read more

The Commission for Territorial Reform meets today, what will the opposition propose?

09:35 03/10/2022 This Monday, the Commission for Territorial Administrative Reform is expected to meet where the opposition’s report will be read. In a ‘live’ link for Klan News, journalist Klesiana Omeri has shown what the report is expected to contain. According to the journalist, proposals for territorial division by increasing the number of municipalities are … Read more

Territorial Reform, the mandate of the Commission is postponed

16:03 22/09/2022 Within a few weeks, the socialists have changed their approach regarding the need to change the territorial administrative map. The head of the parliamentary group, Taulant Balla, declared that they would not give consensus to the request of the democrats who are asking the Territorial Reform Commission to increase the number of municipalities … Read more

Hoo you lookin’ at? Owls let fly at each other in vicious territorial battle over bird box 

Hoo you lookin’ at? Barn owl and tawny owl let fly at each other in vicious territorial battle over bird box Susan Howes has had a bird box attached to her stables for the past 20 years  She has welcomed several birds, including various owls and kestrels to bird box  After a pair of owls … Read more