‘Catfisher’ says she used makeup to convince the internet she has a daughter – but it’s actually her

A woman who has been labeled as ‘the world’s best catfish’ on TikTok due to her amazing ability to transform her appearance has revealed how she makes herself look years younger with the help of makeup – and tape. Chloe Fountain, from Windsor, Canada, who hasn’t revealed her age, often leaves her viewers stunned when … Read more

Health inspector lists the four red flags she notices at restaurants: How do you know a cafe is safe

Health inspector lists the four red flags she notices at restaurants: ‘I’ve seen it all, here’s what you need to know’ A health inspector from the US has revealed her top four restaurant red flags The young woman’s extensive list ‘crosses off every eatery’ some argued But she said plenty of places pass her tests, … Read more

Moment car drives along busy two-way cycle lane during rush hour in central London

Moment car drives along busy two-way cycle lane during rush hour as bikers are forced to jump out of the way to avoid collision The footage was captured on Royal Mint Street near the Tower of London TikTok user Cycling-in-London posted the clip of a driver in the busy cycle lane Cyclists forced to swerve … Read more

TikTok influencer reveals clever hack for flying your pet dog in the comfort of the aircraft cabin

Lora McLaughlin Peterson has shared a handy step-by-step guide to bringing pets into an aircraft cabin A TikTok influencer has revealed a handy hack for bringing pet pooches into an aircraft cabin. If you buy your dog an airline ticket, you can place the animal in a ventilated pet carrier (which also accommodates cats) that slots … Read more

Dentist behind TikTok ‘mewing’ craze ‘tried to realign children’s teeth with unproven procedures’

The dentist behind a TikTok ‘mewing’ craze that claims to change the shape of your jawline without surgery treated two children with ‘invasive and harmful’ mouth-altering treatments that are unproven, a tribunal heard today. Dr Mike Mew could be struck off over ‘pejorative’ claims he tested out the treatment on a six-year-old boy and girl to align their teeth … Read more

Berisha on TikTok: Gratitude to all the citizens who filled the Boulevard

13:50 13/11/2022 After the protest held yesterday (November 12), the head of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, reacted on the TikTok social network. Chief Democrat Berisha has greeted all citizens for their participation in what he calls “the most extraordinary protest that Tirana has known”. “A heartfelt greeting and boundless gratitude, to all of you, … Read more

Hospitality expert goes viral with her hack that details how to check your hotel room for BED BUGS 

A hospitality expert has gone viral for her hack that sees travelers lifting their mattresses in search of blood-sucking bed bugs.   Hotel and travel expert Halee, who has worked in the industry for 15 years and is based in the US, has shared her tips for checking your rooms for any unwanted guests that’ll leave … Read more

Max George and Maisie Smith share a sunny selfie as they enjoy a romantic getaway

Smitten Max George and Maisie Smith share a sunny selfie while enjoying a romantic getaway… after sparking split rumors earlier this week By Kenzi Devine For Mailonline Published: 18:29 BST, 27 October 2022 | Updated: 18:44 BST, 27 October 2022 She sparked split rumors earlier this week with a tearful TikTok video. But Maisie Smith, … Read more

Etiquette expert reveals the posh way to eat a Flake

Etiquette expert reveals the elegant way to eat a Flake bar without getting crumbs of chocolate everywhere using the ‘suck’ method London and Berkshire-based Lucy Challenger makes etiquette videos on TikTok  In a recent viral video the 39-year-old discussed posh way to eat a Flake bar Lucy conceded that it is highly unlikely you will … Read more

People are now waiting in lines for up to THREE HOURS just to get their hands on a CROISSANT

A crave-worthy pastry has taken over the internet and garnered countless fans on social media to spend their days waiting for up to three hours in line just to get their hands on one of the internet’s most sought after croissants.  Each morning, throngs of people line up at the French bakery Lafayette in New … Read more