Johnny Depp joins TikTok to thank fans for their unwavering support after winning Amber Heard trial

Johnny’s victory lap! Depp joins TikTok to thank fans for their unwavering support during Amber Heard trial as his star lawyer Camille Vasquez is promoted at her law firm Depp joined TikTok on Tuesday to post a 30 second clip thanking his fans He said ‘You are, as always, my employers… so, thank you’  The … Read more

Mother criticises Miniland Dolls for putting ‘exaggerated’ lips on black baby dolls

An Australian mother has criticised a toy company for ‘exaggerating’ facial features on its black dolls but not on its ‘white’ ones, before praising Kmart for its diversity range. Jean, who blogs under @Jeanchronicles on TikTok, shared a video of ‘anatomically correct’ Miniland Dolls she found in a toy shop that had the offending larger lips, … Read more

Australian expat Rhiannon Cunningham who lives in the UK shares law breaking activities

Aussie expat in the UK shares the activities she can do that are illegal Down Under – including drinking in public, jaywalking and riding a bike without a helmet Rhiannon Cunningham grew up in Australia but recently moved to the UK Living in Brighton, the 23-year-old has got a taste for the differences between On … Read more

Dallas Zoo keeper introduces her baby daughter to Juba the gorilla [VIDEO]

Meet Uncle Juba! Zookeeper introduces her new baby daughter to gorilla in adorable video Mary Kate Findley brought her two-month-old daughter Olivia to Denver Zoo She showed the infant to 20-year-old gorilla Juba from behind a glass screen  More than 30 million people have viewed the footage on Findley’s TikTok page  By Darren Boyle for … Read more

A mother who spanks her children receives backlash after posting her parenting opinion on TikTok

A mother has divided online opinion after sharing that she spanks her children when they misbehave. Brittney Coble, 30, from the Pacific North-West, posted to TikTok outlining her ‘unpopular parenting opinions’ in a clip that gained over 16,000 views.  In it, the stay-at-home-mother of five revealed not only that she spanks her children, but that … Read more

Woman raises $40,000 for elderly delivery driver after she watched him struggle on her front steps

A young woman in Idaho had raised almost $60,000 for an elderly DoorDash delivery driver after she watched him struggle on her front steps. Anabelle Grace Stephens, 21, captured the 71-year-old man, Kerry Judd, on her doorbell camera last week.  The video shows him moving slowly up and down her front stoop to deliver the … Read more