Rama: We have entered the time of a war for “human flesh”, we must not lose working wings

13:44 24/04/2023 In a meeting with employees of the construction sector, Prime Minister Rama once again called on businesses to increase salaries for employees. During his speech, the head of the government, Rama, stated that we have entered a time in a “war for human flesh” referring to the lack of labor. Rama said that … Read more

“The offer came at the right time”, Beci Beci reveals to Klan News the projects she has for Shkodra

13:53 19/04/2023 The candidate of the Socialist Party for the municipality of Shkodra, Benet Beci, spoke today through a Skype connection to Klan News journalist Besard Jacaj. Beci said that the offer to run for the municipality of this city came at the right moment in his career. “I have a background from Shkodra, I … Read more

Veliaj tells for the first time the first day he entered the municipality, reveals what he found in the toilet!

21:00 12/04/2023 In his interview for “Milori Live” in Klan News, the mayor Erion Veliaj returns to the issue of drinking water that is discussed by the opposition. Veliaj, who is running for his third term, remembers an episode from his first day in the municipality when he took office and had to use the … Read more

Rama: 5 thousand new additional Lek for pensioners next time

13:26 29/03/2023 After the government meeting, Prime Minister Rama has announced that next month, pensioners will receive 5 thousand new Lek in addition to their pension. During his speech, Prime Minister Rama stated that there will not only be a general commitment for pensioners, but a specific one for them. Edi Rama: Today we are … Read more

Veliaj: We shorten the waiting time at the stations by 3 minutes

20:50 21/02/2023 The transformation of the urban transport service was the focus of the discussion of the mayor Erion Veliaj with the representatives of the transport association. Veliaj recalled that 3 new lines have been added to Tirana, which have doubled the coverage with urban service, as well as the first hybrid lines. “In Tirana, … Read more

Digital platform SMIP, Minister Khushi: Parents can be informed about children in real time

09:44 02/02/2023 The Minister of Education and Sports Evis Kushi started this Thursday with the promotion of the SMIP digital platform, through a video that reflects the details for the parents of the students. “Dear parents! The SMIP digital platform now helps you to be informed in real time in detail, anywhere and anytime, about … Read more

“Pakoja e Madhe”, Rama: We wish that people with disabilities have an easier time this year

18:42 14/01/2023 The Prime Minister of the country, Edi Rama, wishes that the year 2023 will be as easy as possible for people with disabilities. Through a post on Facebook, the Prime Minister of the country, Edi Rama, adds that he is convinced that the aid from the Great Package together with the increased support … Read more

He was by Berisha’s side at the time of the attack, Nesho: The Chief Democrat reacted with great courage

22:21 06/12/2022 Agim Nesho was by the side of the chief democrat Sali Berisha at the moment when the latter was attacked by 31-year-old Gert Hoxha during the protest. Invited this Tuesday evening to the “Opinion” studio, Nesho said that the conversation between the parties was that the protest should be peaceful and provocations should … Read more

Edi Rama: We have no time to lose with the protest, time will show the Russian connections of the opposition

21:53 10/11/2022 The Prime Minister of the country, Edi Rama, spoke from the SP headquarters after the end of the presidency meeting. To the journalist’s question about the protest organized by the opposition on Saturday, he answered that they have no time to waste with the protest called by those who have received half a … Read more

Rama: Happy one more time Dibra! With water 24 hours

14:17 30/10/2022 Prime Minister Edi Rama, through a post on Facebook, stated that the Socialist Party “is realizing step by step the plan delayed for centuries” for 24-hour water. Prime Minister Rama has rejected the accusations of political opponents whom he calls the “Alliance of Rubles” who, according to him, “pour the dirty water of … Read more