Veliaj: Tirana and Kamza, two inseparable sisters in development

14:16 27/05/2023 Together with Rakip Suli, who was re-elected for a second term in the Municipality of Kamza, the mayor of the Municipality of Tirana and political leader of the SP in the District, Erion Veliaj, has met socialists, but also residents who trusted this political force in 14 May, whom he thanked for their … Read more

Basha returns, meets young people in Tirana: No campaign has started yet, let’s talk relaxed

17:14 24/05/2023 The former head of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, has returned to meetings with citizens. After more than a year from his resignation from the function of the president of the DP, Basha this Wednesday held a conversation with the young people in the capital. He emphasized in his speech that in these … Read more

Resignation of Alibeaj/ Alimehmeti: Normal after the dramatic defeat that led the DP to the fourth force in Tirana

18:12 17/05/2023 Ilir Alimehmeti of the “Together We Win” coalition says that Enkelejd Alibeaj’s decision to resign as the commanding chairman of the Democratic Party is natural after a dramatic defeat, as he adds that it was normal, since, as the PD emphasizes, there was strength fourth in the May 14 elections in Tirana. Invited … Read more

Counting for the municipal council is closed, SP dominates Tirana

14:25 17/05/2023 The process of counting votes for the municipal council also ends in Tirana. Most mandates, to be exact 34 such, go for Socialist Party. The coalition “Together we win“, received 15 mandates. The Democratic Party of Alibeaj received 4 mandates, the Social Democratic Party 3 mandates. While the Joint Movement, the Thurje Initiative, … Read more

Tirana and Athens react to Beleri

15:40 12/05/2023 Rama: Test for justice. Mitsotakis: To be released Even though he has been running a fierce campaign against Fredi Beler for several days, Prime Minister Rama has reminded justice of the challenge he will have to face to provide evidence that his arrest is legally motivated. In a post on Twitter, the head … Read more

Bejko’s program for tourism in Tirana

12:44 10/05/2023 “For 5 years zero tax for hostels and tourist enterprises” The DP candidate for the Municipality of Tirana, Roland Bejko, has promised five years of zero tax for inns and tourist enterprises. While presenting his program for tourism in the capital, Bejko said that he will support small artisan businesses that are on … Read more

Veliaj: I’m not going back to Tirana

21:59 06/05/2023 “Democrats are also welcome in the house of the SP” In meetings with residents of several units 4, 8 and 9 in the capital, socialist candidate Erion Veliaj said that it was the cooperation with the government that brought the urban and infrastructural transformation. “Going back for those who talk today about the … Read more

David J. Kostelancik receives confirmation from the Senate, the ambassador succeeds Yuri Kim in Tirana

16:43 28/04/2023 David J. Kostelancik, the nominee of President Joe Biden as the new ambassador of the United States of America to Albania, received confirmation from the Senate this Friday. Support for it has been unanimous. He will replace current ambassador Yuri Kim. In his presentation before the Foreign Relations Committee of the Senate on … Read more

Alibeaj at the opening of the campaign in Tirana: A moment of celebration in a difficult moment for us, PD under political aggression

18:38 18/04/2023 Enkelejd Alibeaj’s Democratic Party has opened its political campaign in Tirana within the framework of the May 14 elections. During his speech, Alibeaj stated that this is a moment of celebration, but at a difficult moment for the DP. Alibeaj has stated that the Democratic Party is under aggression as he has thrown … Read more