Rama: Today over 300 thousand tourists in Berat, we have given another face to Albania

18:02 16/11/2022 In the presentation of the works of the Municipality of Berat, the Prime Minister of the country, Edi Rama, spoke with figures regarding the tourists in this city. During his speech, Prime Minister Rama emphasized that Berat has more than 300 thousand tourists, as he added that this number will go up to … Read more

With her voice shaking, Rudina Hajdari: All of you gathered here today remind me of Azem Hajdari

17:04 12/11/2022 At the end of her speech at the Democratic Party protest, Rudina Hajdari was emotional as she mentioned her father, Azem Hajdari. She said that he had only one mission for Albania and she will fight to fulfill it. Rudina Hajdari: I am Rudina Hajdari, speaking here today is a great privilege, first … Read more

Today, opposition protest – Tv Klan

12:05 12/11/2022 Today at 16:00 the protest called by the opposition will take place. During a live link for the TV Klan news edition, the journalist Jolldiz Mitro conveyed details of what is expected to happen this afternoon on the “Dëşmorët e Kombit” Boulevard. The journalist reported that the slogan of the protest will be … Read more

Veliaj: Kamza today is a success story! Whoever says that “I’m not like those newcomers”, insults anyone who…

15:25 08/11/2022 During today’s tour of the Municipality of Kamza, together with the Prime Minister Edi Rama and the Speaker of the Assembly Lindita Nikolla, the mayor of the Municipality of Tirana, Erion Veliaj said that today Kamza is a success story of all those who came from a city the rest of the country … Read more

The primaries, the deadline for Tirana and Elbasan ends today

19:20 06/11/2022 The deadline for filing names in Durrës is postponed The deadline for submitting candidacies for the primaries for mayor candidate in Tirana and Elbasan ends today at 20:00. The Commission for the Organization and Control of Electoral Operations in the Democratic Party says that after 20.00, the branches of Tirana and Elbasan will … Read more

Berisha: Today we entered the battlefield, November 12, the most powerful protest that Albania has known

20:01 01/11/2022 In a meeting with the heads of the branches of the Tirana region, the chief democrat Sali Berisha said that “the DP has entered the battlefield”. During his speech, the chairman of the Democratic Party Sali Berisha emphasized that “Albanians expect salvation from this clique” from the Democratic Party and the Albanian opposition, … Read more

The President of the European Commission is visiting Tirana today

08:18 27/10/2022 The President of the European Commission, Ursula Von der Leyen, will visit Tirana today, to present the European Union’s plan for dealing with the energy crisis. Von Der Leyen will be welcomed to the meeting by Prime Minister Edi Rama and then both will appear at a joint press conference. Von der Leyen … Read more

Patozi: Today Berisha has no problem beating Rama, but “Alibasha”

20:03 20/10/2022 In an interview for Klan News in front of journalist Anjola Hamzaj, the politician Astrit Patozi stated that “the chief democrat Sali Berisha today has no problem defeating Prime Minister Edi Rama, but “Alibasha”, thus referring to the rest of the Democratic Party. Astrit Pathozi: Sali Berisha today has no problem defeating Rama, … Read more

The Commission for Territorial Reform meets today, what will the opposition propose?

09:35 03/10/2022 This Monday, the Commission for Territorial Administrative Reform is expected to meet where the opposition’s report will be read. In a ‘live’ link for Klan News, journalist Klesiana Omeri has shown what the report is expected to contain. According to the journalist, proposals for territorial division by increasing the number of municipalities are … Read more

Britain hit with final blast of SNOW as mercury plunges to -4C today

Britain is hit with final blast of SNOW in the north as mercury plunges to -4C today ahead of chilly reopening of beer gardens and high streets tomorrow – before ‘mini heatwave’ sweeps in next week UK hit was last blast of wintry weather as Met Office issue snow and ice warnings in Manchester and … Read more