The opposition will protest again tomorrow in front of the parliament

10:00 22/02/2023 Opposition protests will continue in front of the parliament. In the last protest, Berisha left it somewhat evasive whether or not there would be protests in front of the Parliament, but as journalist Enkel Xhangoli reports during his speech yesterday in the National Council, he said that in addition to the preparations for … Read more

The opposition is protesting tomorrow in front of the Assembly, Berisha publishes the protest spot

10:22 15/02/2023 Tomorrow the Assembly will hold its next plenary session, so the opposition has decided to protest again. It is the chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, who published the spot of the protest called to be held on Thursday in front of the Parliament. “Parliament proved that they are much closer to … Read more

Rama analysis with the ministers, journalist Zotka: The meeting will continue tomorrow

16:44 04/01/2023 The Prime Minister of the country Edi Rama has gathered the ministers in “Vila 30” in an informal meeting. In a direct link to the news edition on TV Klan, journalist Elja Zotka reported that this meeting is a format that the prime minister has been practicing since 2012. Zotka emphasized that in … Read more

Begaj starts a visit to Delvina, Finiq and Saranda tomorrow

17:37 20/12/2022 The President of the Republic, Bajram Begaj, will pay a visit to the south of the country – Delvina, Finiq and Saranda – on December 21-22. The Head of State will meet with representatives of the local government, the business and tourism community. President Begaj will meet in Delvina with the Mayor of … Read more

Michel: The summit in Tirana, in the heart of the region. Tomorrow we present the declaration that connects the EU more closely with the Balkans

16:59 05/12/2022 The President of the European Council, Charles Michel, before arriving in Tirana where he will participate in the EU-Western Balkans summit, met with the Prime Minister of Slovenia, Robert Golob in Ljubljana. During the press conference, Michel spoke about the importance of the summit that will be held tomorrow in Tirana. “Tomorrow’s EU-Western … Read more

Opposition protest, Berisha: Tomorrow we will do everything to fill Tirana Boulevard

12:39 05/12/2022 In the weekly statement to the media, the chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, emphasized the protest called tomorrow at 12:00 on the “Dëshmorët e Kombit” Boulevard in front of the Prime Minister’s Office, the day when the European Union – Western Balkans summit will be held. . During his speech, chief … Read more

Steinmeier tomorrow in Tirana, the first visit of a German president in 27 years

11:42 30/11/2022 The President of the Republic, Bajram Begaj, will receive the President of the Federal Republic of Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, tomorrow in Tirana, on a state visit. This marks the first visit of a German president to the Republic of Albania in 27 years. The visit is a further signal of Germany’s support for … Read more

What is expected to happen tomorrow in Parliament? Berisha: A strong battle is expected

14:10 23/11/2022 The Parliamentary Group of the Democratic Party met at noon today. At the start of this meeting, the chief democrat Berisha said that a very important issue on the agenda tomorrow in Parliament is, according to Berisha, the corruption mafia affair of the Port of Durrës. Regarding the Port of Durrës, the head … Read more

Oriela Nebijaj accepts the mandate of deputy: I will submit the form tomorrow

18:40 15/11/2022 Oriela Nebijaj has accepted the mandate of the deputy of the Parliament of Albania. In a post on social networks, Nebijaj has published the photo of the self-declaration form, which he says he will submit the next day to the Central Election Commission. “It will be the greatest privilege of my life to … Read more