Remote South Pacific tribe are shocked to hear their god – Prince Philip – has died

A tribe living on a remote South Pacific Island who believe Prince Philip is their god and the incarnation of a volcano spirit are devastated over his death and have started a ritualistic mourning process that could last for weeks. The Yaohnanen tribesmen and women on the Vanuatu island of Tanna had been asleep when the Duke … Read more

Princess Eugenie’s new mum tribe! Baby boom in royal’s well-heeled circle means plenty of advice

She gave birth to her first child two months ago, but it appears Princess Eugenie won’t be learning the ropes alone as she’s surrounded by friends who have recently given birth or are pregnant. The Queen’s granddaughter, 31, welcomed her son August on February 9 with husband Jack Brooksbank – but she’s not the only … Read more

Last surviving male leader of Amazonian Juma tribe dies of coronavirus, ending his lineage

The last surviving male member of an indigenous Amazonian tribe in Brazil has died from coronavirus, leaving just four female members behind and ending his lineage. Aruká Juma, of the Juma tribe, died due to complications caused by Covid-19 on February 17 in a Brazilian hospital in Pôrto Velho, the capital of state of Rondônia.  Juma … Read more

Budget Obsessives, Air Miles Accumulators and Spontaneity Gurus: Which Travel Tribe are YOU in? 

It seems easy to divide the nation between those chomping at the bit to take to the skies, rails and roads — and others who baulk at the prospect of going beyond their newsagent.  So where do you stand?  Ruthless Air Miles Accumulator (RAMA) It seems easy to divide the nation between those chomping at … Read more

Madonna, 62, visits Kenya’s Pokot Tribe with Ahlamalik, 26, and her kids during their Africa tour

– Lourdes Leon, 24   Madonna shares Lourdes with her ex Carlos Leon, who she dated from 1995 to 1997.  Last year she gushed over her daughter, stating: ‘I’m green with envy because she’s incredible at everything she does… ‘She’s an incredible dancer, she’s a great actress, she plays the piano beautifully, she’s way better than … Read more

Stunning photographs by Jimmy Nelson of the isolated tribe on the Marquesas Islands in the Pacific 

Life on one of the world’s most remote sets of islands, which are still only inhabited by its original tribal settlers, has been captured in a series of stunning photographs. The ‘extremely isolated’ Marquesas Islands are one of the world’s most untouched civilisations, with its inhabitants blissfully still relatively unaffected by the developed world. The … Read more

Women in matriarchal Chinese tribe are healthier than those in male dominated villages

Women in matriarchal Chinese tribe where females inherit property, control finances and take as many lovers as they wish are healthier than those in male dominated villages The matriarchal Mosuo tribe in southwest China was the subject of a new study Researchers found women had lower blood pressure than in villages run by men Blood … Read more

Indonesian tribe with extremely rare electric blue eyes due to genetic fluke photographed

Baby’s got blue eyes… and so has everyone else! Indonesian tribe have piercing features due to a genetic fluke Members of a tribe on Buton Island, Indonesia, have Waardenburg Syndrome, affecting pigmentation The syndrome can affect hear loss but also causes an extremely rare electric blue colour in their eyes Korchnoi Pasaribu, from Jakarta, Indonesia, photographed … Read more

World famous Oxford museum removes shrunken heads made by Amazon headhunting tribe

An Oxford museum has removed shrunken heads made by an Amazon headhunting tribe after bosses said exhibiting human remains ‘reinforces racist and stereotypical thinking’. The famed Pitt Rivers Museum took down the collection, alongside 113 other human remains, ahead of its reopening on 22 September following the Covid-19 lockdown.  It comes after the museum’s director, … Read more

The truth about the Lost Colony of Roanoke: Author tells how Croatoan tribe befriended the settlers

The Lost Colony of Roanoke has been an unsolved American mystery for centuries, but to Scott Dawson it was not the English settlers who went missing, it was the Croatoan tribe who helped them that did.  Dawson, an author and hobby archaeologist, has spent nearly a decade searching for proof that the group integrated with … Read more