Tokyo Olympics could trigger global coronavirus super-spreading event, experts fear 

Experts have raised concerns that the Tokyo Olympics could trigger a global super-spreading event. After being postponed last year, the games are going ahead and are set to kick off on July 23 despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. A ban on foreign spectators was announced amid concerns from the public in Japan, which has maintained … Read more

AstraZeneca’s vaccine may trigger rare immune response that leads to clots in some people

Is THIS the link between AstraZeneca’s Covid vaccine and blood clots? Shot may trigger an immune response that leads to the life-threatening side effect in rare cases, study claims About 30 cases of blood clots among people who got a dose of AstraZeneca’s vaccine were reported in Europe  German researchers found signs of antibodies that … Read more

Traffic-calming measures trigger spike in fire service delays

Emergency service vehicles are being delayed hundreds of times every month because of Sadiq Khan‘s controversial low-traffic zones.  Newly-released data shows The London Fire Brigade was delayed to call outs more than 330 times a month between June and November 2020 – up 18 per cent from the previous year – due to new traffic … Read more

Foreign holidays could trigger ANOTHER UK-wide lockdown, experts warn

Foreign holidays could trigger another lockdown because they risk bringing back vaccine-dodging coronavirus variants, experts warn.  Boris Johnson has promised his ‘roadmap’ will end the crippling restrictions ‘once and for all’, as Britain marks a year since life as we knew it ground to a halt. But SAGE scientists say trips abroad this summer could … Read more

It isn’t the jab you need to fear – even mild Covid can trigger deadly clots

Three days after testing positive, Robin suddenly felt so weak while out in the garden he couldn’t lift his arms to use the hedge clippers Robin McNelis’s Covid-19 symptoms were so mild he didn’t know he’d had the disease.  It was only when a routine test at the hospital where he works as a respiratory … Read more

How credit card purchases trigger the same chemical reaction in the brain as COCAINE

How credit card purchases trigger the same chemical reaction in the brain as COCAINE and drive more spending Contactless payment limit increase to £100 sparked fears over household debt Research suggests credit cards ‘step on the gas’ by putting costs out-of-mind Study found that credit card purchases give the brain the same ‘hit’ as cocaine   … Read more

How coronavirus may trigger diseases from diabetes to MS – and damage the brain, too

A few weeks into the Covid-19 pandemic last spring, doctors across the world started noticing something strange. Among the thousands of patients being admitted to hospital with coronavirus, some also appeared to have another problem — the sudden onset of type 1 diabetes, where the immune system attacks cells in the pancreas, destroying its ability … Read more

Covid Germany: Merkel warns of third wave of infections that could trigger ANOTHER lockdown

German Chancellor Angela Merkel last night warned that new Covid variants risk a third wave of infections sweeping across the country which could provoke another national lockdown. Coronavirus cases have started to increase again in Germany with only four per cent of the public vaccinated, while Britons are already counting down the days to freedom … Read more

Falling immunity levels could trigger ‘more severe epidemic’ of the flu this winter, experts warn 

Social distancing measures put in place due to the coronavirus pandemic may trigger a resurgence of flu cases next winter, scientists have warned. Experts fear we are likely to face a ‘severe epidemic in the coming months’ once restrictions are fully lifted as levels of immunity are less than they would be typically.  It comes … Read more

RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: Trigger Warning – this column may contain opinions that DON’T offend you

Thanks for all your kind words about my Saturday Essay and the Mail’s brilliant investigation into the Scotland Yard Paedos In High Places scandal. We mustn’t forget the monstrous collateral damage inflicted by the thuggery of Operation Midland. Not least the young couple whose only ‘crime’ was to live in a flat above the falsely … Read more