Photos reveal inside of ex-president Trump’s Mar-a-Lago office

Former President Donald Trump on Monday attacked a New York Times story that reported his campaign was forced to pay back $122 million to donors who got roped into making recurring donations during critical weeks of his 2020 campaign. He released the scathing statement as aide Stephen Miller showed off the first glimpse of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago … Read more

Donald Trump’s ex bodyguard tells how ex-president still owes him $130 in McDonald’s 

Kevin McKay worked for Donald Trump for five years before being fired in 2012 for refusing agree to a series of outrageous demands Donald Trump‘s former bodyguard has told how the job ruined his life – and says the former President still owes him over $100 for cheeseburgers he bought for the McDonald’s loving billionaire. … Read more

Trump’s gold-plated private 757 sits corroding and missing parts of an engine at small NY airport

Donald Trump‘s personal Boeing 757 is corroding and missing parts of an engine as it sits idle on a fenced-off tarmac at a small upstate New York airport.  The gold-plated plane – which was once nicknamed ‘Trump Force One’ – has not been flown for months and is languishing at the regional Stewart Airport, new photos … Read more

Trump’s ‘Chinese virus’ tweet led to a rise of anti-Asian hashtags, study finds

Donald Trump‘s tweet in March 2020 that referred to coronavirus as the ‘Chinese virus’ led to a rise of anti-Asian hashtags on Twitter, a new study reveals.  US researchers examined nearly 700,000 tweets containing nearly 1.3 million hashtags, the week before and after the president’s tweet on March 16, 2020. They wanted to see whether his … Read more

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki says Trump’s channel will remain suspended

YouTube CEO says Trump’s channel will remain suspended due to ‘potential threat of violence’ – and it will only be lifted when ‘the risk is deemed to have decreased’ YouTube suspended Trump’s channel for violating policies against inciting violence after the assault on the U.S. Capitol by his supporters in January   Its CEO Susan Wojcicki … Read more

Former Vice President Mike Pence embraces Donald Trump’s ‘fraud’ claims in op-ed

Former Vice President Mike Pence has embraced elements of President Donald Trump‘s election fraud claims just weeks after presiding over the electoral count that made Joe Biden president. Pence makes a series of carefully couched claims about ballot integrity in a new op-ed for the Daily Signal, a product of the Heritage Foundation. He does not … Read more

Biden administration drops Trump’s objections to a global digital tax on US tech giants

Biden administration drops Trump’s objections to a ‘global digital tax’ on US tech giants, paving the way for a deal by summer Treasury Secretary Yellen told G20 on Friday that a global tax can go forward Plan would set a global minimum corporate tax rate and rules for multinationals Trump’s objections would have let Google, … Read more

Trump’s comeback: Former president will preview ‘future of the Republican Party’ during CPAC speech

Donald Trump will preview his vision for the future of the GOP during his keynote address at the Conservative Political Action Conference next weekend. ‘I think what you’re going to hear President Trump talk about next Sunday on the 28th is the future of the Republican Party and the number of lessons that we learned … Read more

Trumps says Biden either ‘lying or mentally gone’ after claiming NO COVID vaccine when he arrived

Donald Trump has speculated that Joe Biden is either lying or ‘mentally gone’ after the president on Tuesday night said his administration arrived to find no COVID-19 vaccines available. Trump, who on Wednesday broke his silence to give a series of interviews marking the death of Rush Limbaugh, told Newsmax Biden made ‘a very dumb … Read more

Trump’s own unflattering angles revealed after he deleted line saying McConnell has ‘too many chins’

Donald Trump was on the cusp of calling Mitch McConnell a man with ‘too many chins but not enough smarts’ before he was talked out of including the insult in his statement attacking the Senate majority leader yesterday. But despite penning the humiliating barb about McConnell’s looks as the Republican Party descends into civil war … Read more