Balluku inspects the works in the Llogara tunnel: We are moving at a fast pace

11:36 27/12/2022 The Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Belinda Balluku, inspected the works in the Llogara Tunnel this morning. Balluku observed the construction site closely, stressing that the work has progressed at a fast pace. “We are 5500 meters in the main tunnel and 3.4 kilometers in the auxiliary tunnel. The pace of work is … Read more

Rama inspects the Llogara tunnel, Balluku: We expect to see the light at the end of February

18:13 18/11/2022 Prime Minister Edi Rama has inspected the works for the opening of the Llogara tunnel that will significantly shorten the access to the south coast. Accompanied by the Minister of Infrastructure Belinda Balluku and MP Blendi Klosi, the head of the government was informed that by Friday morning 4 kilometers and 650 meters … Read more

Rama: Arbri Street, reality. In the Murrizi tunnel, you are walking at the pace of a turtle because you need to be careful

10:48 29/10/2022 Prime Minister Edi Rama continues the pre-electoral tour in the District of Dibra. The head of the government held a meeting with the tourist operators, where he said that this year 26 thousand tourists have visited Dibra and this is thanks to Arbri Street. He said that the Arbri Road has not yet … Read more

Elon Musk’s $55m mile-long tunnel Loop at Las Vegas convention center is unveiled as public transit

It sounded like something out of science fiction: people being whisked across a busy American city in driverless vehicles, reaching speeds of up to 155mph. But the reality seems to be far less exciting, with the first look of Elon Musk‘s public transportation system in Las Vegas having been unveiled to disappointing and lackluster reviews. … Read more

Dozens are killed and 70 remain trapped after train derailed in tunnel in Taiwan

At least 48 people have been killed after a train smashed into a truck and derailed inside a tunnel in Taiwan.  Some 70 passengers remain trapped inside the mangled carriages, while another 40 have been rushed to hospital, after the train crashed outside the city of Hualien on Friday. The express train was packed with … Read more

36 people are killed and 70 remain trapped after train derailed in tunnel in Taiwan

36 people are killed and 70 remain trapped after train derailed in tunnel in Taiwan after crashing into a truck that slid off the road Train derailed inside tunnel outside the city of Hualien in eastern Taiwan Carriages were ripped apart and crumpled after train struck a truck Many were standing on the cramped train … Read more

HS2 could be hit by £800m ‘cost pressures’ thanks to Euston tunnel protest and Covid pandemic

The controversial £98billion HS2 project is facing new ‘cost pressures’ of £800million caused in part by protests at Euston Square Gardens and the lockdowns, a government report has admitted.  HS2 minister Andrew Stephenson warned half of the potential pressures are due to difficulties related to the redevelopment of London Euston station. The remainder is as a … Read more

Bailiffs remove HS2 tunnel ringleader from under Euston

A geography teacher who has spent nearly four weeks underground as part of the Euston Five protester against HS2 was removed by bailiffs today – leaving just two of the original tunnellers remaining.  Dr Larch Maxey, 48, was hauled out of his underground hiding place by bailiffs today, after they confiscated his food and belongings … Read more

Part of tunnel at Euston HS2 protest COLLAPSES on bailiff in latest eviction attempt

Part of the underground tunnel at Euston’s HS2 protest has collapsed on a bailiff in the site workers’ latest eviction attempt. The protesters, who have been underground for more than three weeks, are trying to stop HS2’s plans to replace the green space outside the central London station with a temporary taxi rank. Hiding in … Read more