President Begaj: I condemn the misuse of the Serbian population in Kosovo, violence against KFOR is unacceptable

23:42 29/05/2023 President Bajram Begaj has condemned the violence perpetrated against the KFOR forces by the Serbian population in the north of Kosovo. In a reaction on social networks, Begaj writes that Kosovo’s sovereignty cannot be questioned. “I strongly condemn the abuse of the Serbian population of the North of Kosovo and the unacceptable violence … Read more

Rama: It is unacceptable that 32% of people in construction receive the minimum wage, we will not tolerate it anymore

14:50 29/03/2023 The Prime Minister of the country, Edi Rama, during a meeting with employees of a construction company in Tirana, stated that it is unacceptable that 32% of the 53,000 people in this sector receive the minimum wage. Rama said that this will no longer be tolerated by the government. Edi Rama: 32 percent … Read more

Rama demands clarification from Guterres: The non-use of Kosovo’s name is unacceptable

22:02 21/03/2023 Prime Minister Edi Rama asks the Secretary General of the UN, Antonio Guterres, for clarification about the statement he made about the Ohrid agreement, where he avoided the names of Kosovo and Serbia. In a reaction on social networks, Rama says that he hopes that this is a slip, as otherwise it would … Read more

The President condemns the violence against the journalist in Lezha: Violation of free speech, unacceptable

20:42 25/01/2023 President Bajram Begaj has condemned the violence against journalist Elvis Hila and his wife in Lezhë. In a reaction on social networks, the President demands clarification of the event from the authorities and emphasizes that the violation of freedom of speech and violence against journalists is unacceptable. “I strongly condemn the rape of … Read more

British Embassy: The attack on Sali Berisha, unacceptable for free speech

21:32 06/12/2022 The Embassy of the United Kingdom has reacted on social networks after the attack on Sali Berisha. The British embassy says that violence has no place in a democracy. It is further added that the attack on Berisha is an unacceptable attack on free speech. “Violence has no place in democracy. The UK … Read more

Alibeaj: We want a DP candidate to be the winner, any unilateral solution, unacceptable

21:44 02/11/2022 The meeting of the other Presidency of the Democratic Party led by Enkelejd Alibeaj lasted for about 3 hours. After the end of this meeting, Alibeaj gave a statement to the media, who said that together with the College of Speakers, they will have another meeting where, according to Alibeaj, they will proceed … Read more

Tory MP who pestered intern, 21, is ordered to undergo training for ‘unacceptable’ conduct

Tory MP who pestered intern, 21, is ordered to undergo training for ‘unacceptable’ conduct… but will NOT be kicked out of the party Tory MP Rob Roberts invited a 21-year-old female intern to ‘fool around’ with him But the 41-year-old MP for Delyn, North Wales will not be kicked out the party Instead Mr Roberts … Read more

Headteacher brands petition to allow female pupils to wear trousers ‘unacceptable behaviour’

Headteacher of a grammar school for girls brands petition for female pupils to wear trousers as part of school uniform ‘unacceptable behaviour’ Pupils of Wirral Grammar School for Girls launched petition to change uniform  Headteacher Elaine Cogan branded the online petition ‘unacceptable behaviour’ Asked for the support of parents adding ‘this is not how change … Read more

Marcus Rashford blasts ‘unacceptable’ food parcel supposed to feed a child for a fortnight

How much should the free school meals really be worth?  Free school meal allowances are usually £2.34 per pupil per day, an additional £3.50 per seven days has been added in lockdown, equalling £15.20 a week. The Government has told schools to work with their school catering team or provider to make up the food … Read more