Uncovered diary reveals what daily life was really like for a 1950s housewife

An uncovered diary is revealing what life was really like for American housewives in the late 1950s, with a year’s worth of entries chronicling everything from boredom to canceled plans. TikTok user @otherworlddesign has been sharing videos of the daily logs written by a woman named Nellie in 1957, earning herself nearly 200,000 followers on the … Read more

Thousands of craters made by WWII bombs dropped by Allies on Nazi fuel sites are uncovered in Poland

Thousands of craters made by WWII bombs dropped by Allies on Nazi fuel plants are uncovered in Poland using LIDAR technology Scientists mapped 6,000 WWII bomb craters in a region of Polar using LIDAR The craters were located in the Koźle Basin that was occupied by Nazi soldiers The map allowed experts to determine some … Read more

Horrifying scenes uncovered at Chinese fur farms as animals are slaughtered

Terrified animals are being kept in tiny cages, electrocuted in agony and then skinned in front of their still-living cage mates at fur farms in China. Investigators exposed horrifying scenes at 13 farms in northern China that they visited last year and which were raising raccoon dogs, foxes and mink for their fur. They found workers … Read more

Mystery medieval tunnels that don’t appear on maps are uncovered near 12th century abbey

Mystery medieval tunnels that don’t appear on any maps are uncovered near 12th century abbey by workmen moving electricity pole The team stumbled on the underground network – unseen for hundreds of years The tunnel site was found near to the Tintern Abbey close to the England border Engineers working for Western Power Distribution stumbled … Read more

Nurse, 60, uncovered her bigamist oil worker husband had been living secret life

A woman has revealed how she discovered her husband was a bigamist with a secret double life 100 miles away.  Nurse Yve Gibney, 60, could not believe it when she saw the smiling wedding day image of her oil boss husband Maurice Gibney on Facebook.   The blushing bride on the happy photograph was not Mrs … Read more

World War Two bomb is uncovered in Exeter as care home and university campus are evacuated 

World War Two bomb is uncovered in Exeter as care home and university campus are evacuated Around 200 students evacuated from Exeter University after WWII bomb found Devon and Cornwall Police set up a 100m cordon around the unexploded device The unexploded bomb was discovered by builders working on private land By Sam Baker For … Read more

Archaeology: 2,000-year-old Roman millstone with a PENIS engraved on it uncovered near Cambridge

A Roman millstone found near Cambridge was decorated with an engraving of a penis — an ‘image of strength and virility’ — archaeologists have revealed. The millstone and others were uncovered three years ago during roadworks to improve a 21-mile stretch of the A14 between Cambridge and Huntingdon. The finds came from the remains of a … Read more

Rare 5,000-year-old crystal dagger is uncovered in Prehistoric Iberian megalithic tomb in Spain

Ancient tools that once belonged to prehistoric civilizations have been found all over the world, but a discovery in Spain is unlike those traditionally made of stone or flint. A team excavating the megalithic tomb of Montelirio tholos in 2007 through 2010 uncovered a dagger formed from rock crystal that experts say is the ‘most … Read more

Health: ‘Tantalising’ new method of treating cancer by dietary changes uncovered in mouse study 

‘Tantalising’ new method of treating cancer by removing amino acid found in meat, fish and eggs from patient’s diets is uncovered in mouse study Serine is a protein building block that cancer cells require in extra amounts Lowering levels of the amino acid thus has the potential to inhibit tumour growth Many cancer cells, however, a … Read more

Britain’s first 5th century mosaic is uncovered at Roman villa in Gloucestershire

For centuries it has been widely believed that chaos quickly followed the end of Roman rule in Britain at the close of the fourth century. But the discovery of the country’s first known fifth century mosaic at a Roman villa reveals sophisticated life continued, at least in some places. It had been thought that towns … Read more