WH Ron Klain promotes tweet calling inflation and supply chain crisis ‘high class problems’

White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain agreed Wednesday that the U.S. economic problems are ‘high class problems’ White House Chief of Staff Ronald Klain claimed Wednesday evening that the current U.S. economic issues, including inflation and supply chain delays, are just ‘high class problems’.  Jason Furman, a Harvard Economics professor and former chairman of … Read more

‘Apple Pay Later’ rumoured to be in the works to rival Klarna

Apple is reportedly working on a new payment feature called ‘Apple Pay Later’ that will let users pay for purchases at a later date.  Apple Pay Later will be available for purchases made at either retail or online stores, Bloomberg reports, citing insiders ‘with knowledge of the matter’.  The feature would let Apple Pay users … Read more

Nomura and Credit Suisse issue profit warnings amid crisis at US hedge fund

Investors and pension savers in Britain face possible financial losses after two major investment banks issued profit warnings amid a crisis at a US hedge fund. Nomura and Credit Suisse could lose billions of pounds after the fund defaulted on margin calls, putting investors on edge about who else might have been caught out.  Losses … Read more

Warren Buffett’s wealth jumps to $100BN as he joins ‘mega rich’ billionaire’s club

Warren Buffett has become the sixth richest man in the world after his net worth soared by almost $24 billion in under five months.  The owner of the multinational conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway now joins an elite club of men worth $100billion or more, that includes Jeff Bezos, Elon Mask, Bill Gates, Bernard Arnault, and Mark Zuckerberg.  … Read more

GameStop shares jump for the fifth day running with a nearly 100% gain

GameStop shares jump for the fifth day running Tuesday with a nearly 100% gain after Chewy’s founder took over online sales and amid speculation Reddit investors will pour their stimulus checks into stocks. Shares of the retailer were up 23.5% to $239.80 in early trading, a day after the company entrusted leadership of its online … Read more

Post-Brexit trade: US drops tariffs on whisky, cashmere and Stilton imports from UK

US drops tariffs on whisky, cashmere and Stilton as trade deal with Britain inches closer – two months after Liz Truss axed fees on American imports US said millions worth of tariffs on Scotch and other goods would be suspended Cashmere and cheese are also set to benefit from the American relaxation Comes a month … Read more

Pratt and Whitney’s parent company shares plunge after engines fail

The company behind engine-maker Pratt & Whitney saw its share price slump in pre-market trading today after one of the firm’s engines exploded and rained down debris over Denver while another suffered a similar failure in the Netherlands.  Shares in Raytheon, the parent company of Pratt & Whitney, had suffered a 2.77 per cent drop … Read more

Bitcoin’s total value tops $1TRILLION in new record high

Bitcoin touched a market capitalization of $1 trillion as it hit yet another record high on Friday, countering analyst warnings that it is an ‘economic side show’ and a poor hedge against a fall in stock prices. The world’s most popular cryptocurrency jumped to an all-time high above $54,000, setting it on course for a … Read more

GameStop: YouTuber Roaring Kitty defends himself in Congress

Keith Gill, the investor whose ‘Roaring Kitty’ posts on YouTube and Reddit preceded a frenzy of GameStop stock purchases, told a House committee he wasn’t the cause of the astonishing price surge that rattled financial markets last month. Appearing by zoom for a the House Financial Services Committee hearing, Gill gave a wink to his anonymous … Read more

YouTuber who drove up Gamestop price via Reddit is Boston dad

The Reddit poster and YouTube streamer who caused a Wall Street crisis by driving up the price of GameStop – and boasted about his $47 million gains – is a suburban financial adviser who nicknames himself Mr. Wizard, DailyMail.com can reveal. Keith Gill, 34, is the man behind the Roaring Kitty YouTube streams and the … Read more