Rama: Put on the aprons and clean Vlora. SP to be the face of voters’ dignity

15:48 27/05/2023 After the victory on May 14 of the Municipality of Vlora, Edi Rama hastened to divide the tasks for the new mayor and the deputies of the area. “Starting from this season, from the moment of the mayor’s oath, to clean the greenery, go out to clean Vlora together with the deputies, because … Read more

Rama in Vlora: SP in a new phase, need to open to new streams without any prejudice

14:02 27/05/2023 Prime Minister Edi Rama continued with the thank-you meetings. He was this Saturday in Vlora where he reiterated that the result of the May 14 elections was historic for the Socialist Party. While commenting on the results of the elections for the municipal councils, he said that the SP has received its vote, … Read more

Rama for the opposition candidate in the Municipality of Vlora: They have found the stupidest

19:51 06/05/2023 From Vlora, where he asked for a vote for the SP candidate for the municipality, Ermal Dredhan, Prime Minister Edi Rama also attacked the candidate of the opposition coalition “Bashke Fitomje”, Hysni Sharra. Such a candidate, said Rama, “you can’t find him in Vlora even with a candle”. And for this selection of … Read more

Prime Minister Rama proposes Vlora Hysen as director of SHISH

15:17 17/03/2023 Prime Minister Edi Rama has proposed to President Bajram Begaj the name of Vlora Hysen for the post of director of the National Information Service. The news was announced by the head of the government himself through a post on Facebook. Rama met the President early this Friday morning. “Today I presented to … Read more

Rama: Vlora Airport will be built, added value and in no way a threat to the ecosystem

11:50 15/03/2023 At the ceremony of declaring Vjosa Natural Park, the Prime Minister of the country, Edi Rama, called on all those who do not agree with the construction of the Vlora Airport not to disturb them. During his speech, Prime Minister Rama stated that Vlora Airport will be built as he emphasized that it … Read more

Rama ridicules the opposition: On May 14, you will also win Vlora with Washington, this will be the 10th year of your victory

11:29 02/03/2023 In his speech to the Parliament in the motion for debate with the Parliament on the “McGonigal” issue, Prime Minister Edi Rama ridiculed the opposition for the May 14 local elections. The head of the government stated that he will not engage in any debate and discussion with the opposition, but according to … Read more

A bouquet of flowers for the prime minister/ Rama is surprised in Vlora: My birthday is on July 4

17:25 18/11/2022 Prime Minister Edi Rama in the presentation of investments in the Municipality of Vlora was surprised by the citizens of Vlorë. While he was presenting the affairs of the government, Prime Minister Rama was brought a bouquet of red flowers. After the surprise, Rama said that he does not have a birthday and … Read more

Gjiknuri introduces Klos as leader of the SP in Vlora

16:35 04/10/2022 The departure of Ahmetaj, Gjiknuri: Reformation for local elections Blendi Klosi has officially assumed the position as political leader of SP in Vlora district. Accompanied by Damian Gjiknuri, Klosi sees as a challenge that must be fulfilled this new task in the party, received on the eve of elections. When asked about Ahmetaj’s … Read more

Rama: With the spectacular exception of Vlora Municipality, we had a really clean season

12:02 27/09/2022 From Lalzi i Durrës, the country’s Prime Minister Edi Rama is taking stock of the summer tourist season. During his speech, Prime Minister Rama went back in time saying that when the SP started to transform Albania into a tourist country, tourism had 4 percent of the country’s contribution, while now, Prime Minister … Read more