May 14, Gogu: SP continues to produce work energy, the voter has it simple

21:28 14/03/2023 SP MP Toni Gogu spoke today on “Milori Live” on Klan News about the situation before the May 14 elections. Gogu said that the opposition has nothing to offer Albanian society, while the Socialist Party, according to him, continues to produce work energy. He emphasized that it is easy for citizens to vote … Read more

Donald Trump CANCELS plan to watch Rudy Giuliani voter fraud claims

President Donald Trump phoned in to lawyer Rudy Giuliani during a Pennsylvania hearing-style event Wednesday in order to claim ‘we won this election’ and that the election ‘has to be turned around.’ ‘This election as rigged and we can’t let that happen,’ Trump said, even after Michigan and Pennsylvania certified the vote and his own … Read more

Trump tweets late-night rant claiming voter fraud

US President Donald Trump has claimed there were more votes than people who voted in some swing states in a late-night rant before his post was labeled as disputed by Twitter. After 4am this morning, the President tweeted: ‘In certain swing states, there were more votes than people who voted, and in big numbers. Does … Read more

US Election 2020: Trump says ‘big voter fraud info’ due on Georgia

President Donald Trump continued with claims of election fraud on Saturday morning as he alleged ‘big voter fraud information’ had been discovered in Georgia.  ‘Big voter fraud information coming out concerning Georgia. Stay tuned!’ Trump tweeted.  Biden was declared the winner in Georgia after a hand recount this week and Trump’s previous claims of fraud … Read more

Trump claims that there is ‘big voter fraud information coming out concerning Georgia’

Trump claims that there is ‘big voter fraud information coming out concerning Georgia’ as he continues to claim he won the election President Donald Trump continued to allege voter fraud on Saturday He claimed there is ‘big voter fraud information’ coming from Georgia Trump urged his supporters to ‘stay tuned!’  By Frances Mulraney For Published: … Read more

Trump continues tweeting unfounded voter fraud claims saying he received ’73 million legal votes’

President Donald Trump launched into a further attack on the election result on Wednesday night as he continued his unfounded claims of voter fraud and claimed he had now received ’73 million legal votes’.  Trump retweeted several claims that voters in Pennsylvania were being sent blank ballots and that polling stations in the state had … Read more

US Election 2020: PA ‘voter fraud’ witness ‘RECANTS completely’

PENNSYLVANIA BIDEN MAJORITY TRUMP NEEDS TO OVERTURN: 45,646 On Monday the Trump campaign filed their big shot at overturning all mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania, claiming that Democratic and Republican counties did not administer them in the same way; instances of fraud; and that poll watchers could not see them being counted. The case faces an … Read more

Philadelphia’s Republican city commissioner blasts accusations of voter fraud as ‘deranged’

Philadelphia’s lone Republican city commissioner has described as ‘deranged’ the accusations of voter fraud being made by the White House, as he revealed his staff had been receiving death threats as Donald Trump attacks their integrity. Al Schmidt, one of three city commissioners charged with overseeing elections, told 60 Minutes that he was shocked at the … Read more

Rudy Giuliani claims he has ’50 witnesses’ to voter fraud

President Trump‘s lawyer Rudy Giuliani threw out a blizzard of accusations of what he calls systemic voter ‘fraud’ in the elections – claiming the campaign could launch as many as ten lawsuits, and that he has 50 people who will testify in Pennsylvania although saying ‘I can’t show all of the witnesses’ right now. The … Read more