Recounting of votes in Rrogozhin – Tv Klan

16:59 31/05/2023 The boxes will be opened on June 5 at the request of two KAS members Although it overturned the request of the Berisha-Meta coalition to declare the election results in Rrogozhin invalid, the Appeals and Sanctions Commission will recount the votes. This request was made by two members, Ledio Braho and Elvis Cefa, … Read more

Berisha: The killer of women, Dan Hutra gathered votes for Rakip Suli

12:37 26/05/2023 At the weekly conference with journalists, the chief democrat Sali Berisha has made public a message that came to him from a citizen in Kam√ęz. Based on this message that came to him from a citizen, whose identity he does not disclose, Berish says that referring to him, Dan Hutra collected votes for … Read more

Veliaj presents the candidates for the Municipal Council of Tirana: Who votes for 1 socialist, votes for someone who never leaves office

17:51 05/04/2023 The chairman of the Socialist Party of Tirana and the political leader of the District, Erion Veliaj, today officially presented the new candidates for the Municipal Council of Tirana. In the speech held at the Lake Park Summer Theater, he said that whoever left office 4 years ago does not deserve the vote … Read more

Berisha: This political force does not take power with violence, but only with votes!

19:05 12/02/2023 Believing that the peaceful democratic revolution will not stop, Sali Berisha emphasized that this revolution is peaceful, of means of civil disobedience, not with weapons. “We will overthrow this regime, with the means of civil disobedience and finally with the free vote. We know no other form of power. This political force does … Read more

Reconstruction from the earthquake, Berisha: The government used the funds to buy votes

12:40 26/11/2022 Chief Democrat Sali Berisha, in a live communication on Facebook, today expressed his condolences for the 51 victims of the earthquake of the past 3 years in the country. Berisha said that the current government is responsible for the lost lives, did not punish the real perpetrators and massively wasted the earthquake fund. … Read more

Balla thanks for joining the votes for integration

15:24 01/11/2022 The opposition deputies led by Alibeaj received a public thank you from the head of the socialist parliamentary majority Taulant Balla. “Many thanks to the opposition, I’m talking about the opposition that continues to have a Euro-Atlantic orientation, not those who opposed the USA. There is a certain level of preparation in Albania … Read more

SP and DP join the votes for opening the files

12:02 21/10/2022 Certificates issued earlier will not be recognized The socialists and democrats who support Enkelejd Alibeaj, with 94 votes in favor, voted for the non-recognition of the certificates of purity of the Bezhani and Mezini commissions for the former employees of the state security. The votes were combined after the Socialists agreed to submit … Read more

With 94 votes in favor, the Parliament votes for the full opening of the files and their declassification

23:53 20/10/2022 The Parliament voted with 94 votes in favor, 1 abstention, none against the bill for the full opening of the State Security files. 98 deputies were present at the plenary session. The vote was preceded by a long debate, as the majority from the initial proposal for the repeal of point 4 of … Read more