Pub chiefs warn ‘vast majority’ will not reopen tomorrow

Hospitality bosses today warned the ‘vast majority’ of pubs in England will not be able to reopen tomorrow because they do not have adequate outdoor space.  The next step in Boris Johnson‘s lockdown exit roadmap will see pubs, bars and restaurants allowed to welcome back customers outside but only if there is table seating.  It … Read more

Unchecked Covid hotspots could lead to a THIRD wave of the virus, scientists warn 

Unchecked Covid hotspots could lead to a third wave of the virus if the country reopens too quickly, scientists warn. Ministers have been blasted for ignoring their pledge to follow ‘data not dates’ when lifting lockdown in line with Boris Johnson‘s roadmap. As it stands, six groups – or two households – can meet outside. Outdoor … Read more

Scientists warn against ‘dangerous’ TikTok trend of deep frying WATER 

Experts have warned against a ‘dangerous’ trend circulating on TikTok of deep frying water, which they say could lead to fiery explosions.  The pointless trend involves combining water with calcium alginate to form a sphere of water, before coating it in flour, egg and breadcrumbs and dropping it into a fryer. But if the calcium … Read more

Experts warn a physically strenuous job is not a substitute for exercise 

Health alert for workers with no time for workouts as experts warn a physically strenuous job is not a substitute for exercise Researchers believe those who have physical jobs are less inclined to exercise Manual work could even raise the risk of dying early from a heart attack or stroke They say exertions at work do … Read more

Brain organoids could spark a ‘Planet of the Apes’ scenario, scientists warn

As research involving transplanting lab-grown human ‘mini-brains’ into animals to study neurological diseases continues to expand, experts warn the work with these brain organoids could result in a ‘Planet of the Apes’ scenario. The concern is animals could develop humanized traits and behave similar to the intelligent apes of the popular science fiction story. The … Read more

Experts warn against laminating your vaccine card just yet

Why you should not laminate your vaccine card just yet: Experts warn you may need to add booster shot information and the plastic coating prevents errors from being fixed Stores like Staples and Office Deport have offered to laminate CDC vaccination cards for free  Health experts say Americans don’t need to have their cards laminated and … Read more

Florida officials warn of ‘catastrophic flooding’ if storage reservoir collapses

Officials in Florida on Sunday warned of a 20 foot wall of wastewater and ‘catastrophic flooding’ after a significant leak at a large pond threatened to burst a system that stores polluted water.  Governor Ron DeSantis took part in an aerial tour of the site and later held a press conference after more than 300 homes were evacuated … Read more

Most pubs WON’T reopen on April 12, industry bosses warn

Most pubs WON’T reopen on April 12: Industry bosses warn 60% of boozers will not welcome back customers because they won’t have enough space British Beer and Pub Association says 75% of pubs have garden or outside space But only 40% of venues have one large enough to be able to make enough cash Therefore, it … Read more

Solar storm that appeared like ‘a great fire’ in 1582 could hit Earth AGAIN, experts warn

Solar storm that appeared like ‘a great fire’ in 1582 could hit Earth AGAIN this century, causing billions in damages and knocking out power grids worldwide, experts warn A solar storm hit Earth in 1582 that looked like a ‘great fire’ in the sky The storm lasted for three days and stretched from Europe to … Read more

More than 74 MILLION Americans are living in areas of drought – and experts warn it could worsen

Crops die and wildfires risk increases as almost 50% of the US and 74 million people experience drought – and experts warn conditions are only going to get worse Approximately 44% of the US in experiencing some level of drought  Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Colorado and California are ‘severe to exceptional’ These stats had experiencing major droughts … Read more