Australian beach Lucky Bay is named the best in the world

1. Lucky Bay, Australia 2. Source D’Argent, the Seychelles 3. Hidden Beach, the Philippines 4. Whitehaven Beach, Australia 5. One Foot Island, Cook Islands 6. Trunk Bay, US Virgin Islands 7. Honopu Beach, Hawaii 8. Reynisfjara Beach, Iceland 9. Navagio Beach, Greece 10. Balandra Beach, Mexico 11. Cala Goloritze, Italy 12. Pipe Creek Sandbar, Bahamas … Read more

Why Aussies should NOT post their Australia Day celebration photos on social media

An Aboriginal model has urged Aussies to refrain from posting photos of Australia Day celebrations on social media as it is ‘insensitive’ to the plight of First Nations people. Millions of Australians flock to beaches, backyard BBQs, and pubs on January 26 with flags draped over their sun-soaked shoulders to mark the national public holiday. … Read more

The VERY simple saving trick that will save you thousands in 2022

Why you need to try the ‘envelope’ method: The VERY simple saving trick that ensures you always have enough money for vacations and activities A mum has revealed her simple money-saving trick using envelopes  Tracy labelled enveloped with different family activities and the cost needed  During the year she places change into the envelopes and … Read more

Travellers dub Little Beach in Western Australia ‘paradise on earth’

A dreamy getaway: Aussies are calling this breathtaking bay with sparkling blue water and crystal white sand ‘paradise on earth’ A little-known bay in Western Australia had been dubbed ‘paradise on earth’ Little Beach at Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve offers divine coastal scenery  Coastline is best known for the brilliant shades of turquoise blue ocean … Read more

Cleo Smith missing: Australian police hunt for four-year-old who disappeared

Police are hunting for a four-year-old girl who has been missing for three days after vanishing from a campsite in rural Australia.  Cleo Smith was last seen by mother Ellie on Saturday in a tent they were sharing at the Blow Holes campsite on the coast of Western Australia.  Ellie said she had an ‘interaction’ with Cleo … Read more

Father of missing Cleo Smith ‘speaks with police’ after visiting station for three hours

The biological father of missing four-year-old girl Cleo Smith has spent three hours speaking with police on Monday.  It’s been three days since the child vanished from a remote campsite in Western Australia and so far there are no signs of what happened to the little girl, despite an exhaustive land, sea and air search.   … Read more

Woolworths shopper slams supermarket for its inappropriate Halloween decoration

Woolworths takes down Halloween decoration after mum slammed the ‘inappropriate’ display after it terrified her kids – so do you agree with her? A mum has slammed Woolworths over its ‘inappropriate’ Halloween decoration  Her kids were frightened when they spotted skull figure floating near meat aisle Woolworths confirmed store has ‘amended’ the display by removing … Read more

Boy, 8, disappears from a popular forest camping spot near a waterfall more than 24 hours ago 

Frantic search for eight-year-old boy who mysteriously vanished without a trace during a camping trip with his family more than 24 hours ago A massive search is underway to find a boy missing from a national park in WA   The search began when he disappeared from Fernhook Falls about 9am Sunday  Efforts were called off … Read more

Bizarre moment dozens queue in pouring rain for hours in ponchos outside a new Taco Bell in Perth  

A picture of dozens of hungry customers queuing outside a popular Taco Bell restaurant in the pouring rain has garnered attention online for an unfortunate reason.  The fast food outlet in Perth  has only been open for a week but has seen booming business so far, with lines of customers often streaming out the doors.  Dozens … Read more