Waiters share the most AWKWARD dates they’ve witnessed while working in restaurants

Restaurant servers have shared details of the most awkward dates they’ve observed at their jobs — and just reading them is enough to make anyone cringe. Reddit user u/Username-Checks-Outt posed the question — ‘Servers of Reddit, what’s the most awkward date you’ve seen unfold?’ — two years ago, and the thread has recently resurfaced on … Read more

RICHARD PENDLEBURY witnessed the courage of the men of 2 Mercians in Afghan conflict.

We were lying along a thin tree line by a ditch, having just come under accurate machine gun fire for the first time that day. It was a little after 10.30am and hot. Very hot, certainly, by the standards of Derby, Nottingham and Worcester, where the recruiting officers had welcomed the soldiers beside me. Not … Read more

Elijah Wood speaks candidly about the ‘surreal and scary’ moment he witnessed 9/11

Elijah Wood has spoken candidly about the moment he and his Lord Of The Rings co-stars Orlando Bloom and Sean Bean witnessed the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The actor, 40, detailed the ‘surreal and scary’ experience in an interview with Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe in Empire Magazine‘s latest issue on Friday. Looking back, Elijah explained … Read more

Wedding guests reveal the most dramatic things they’ve witnessed on the big day  

‘Step-sister of the groom revealed he’s the father of her baby’: Wedding guests reveal the most dramatic moments they’ve witnessed – from brawls to drunken relatives Anonymous mum, from the UK, took to mumsnet to ask for best dramatic stories  Revealed she’d seen a drunk groomsman be punched in the face by two people Other mothers … Read more

Navy pilot who witnessed ‘UFO’ sighting in 2004 said flying object jammed their radars

A former US Navy pilot is opening up about his infamous alleged UFO sighting off the coast of California in 2004. Commander David Fravor said he witnessed a Tic Tac-shaped object in the sky in November 10, 2004 performing extraordinary aerial maneuvers that he said no modern human technology was capable of. ‘This is not … Read more