Rising sea levels are poisoning North Carolina woodlands causing ‘ghost forests’ near coasts

Rising sea levels are transforming the once lush woodlands along North Carolina‘s coast into grayish-colored, lifeless trunks known as ‘ghost forests.’ The leafless, limbless trees cover about 11 percent of the state’s Alligator National Wildlife Refuge that what was once thriving with healthy forests. The change is caused by massive amounts of seawater creeping inland … Read more

Ash dieback: Scale of devastation in British woodlands is revealed in National Trust drone footage

Drone footage taken by the National Trust has revealed the extent of the devastation being wrought on British woodlands by ash dieback, a deadly fungal infection. The shots taken this autumn show trees dying in Hanging Wood, part of the Trust-administered Hughenden Estate in Buckinghamshire. Some 300 ash trees on the estate will need to … Read more