French wine shortage: Farmers suffer worst frost damage since 1990 and smallest harvest for 40 years

French winemakers have suffered the worst frost damage to their crops since the 1990s as fears grow that grape vines could yield the smallest harvest for 40 years.  The damage done by several nights’ of frost this week threatens to destroy grape harvests in some of the country’s best-known and prestigious wine-producing regions. Farmers across the country lit … Read more

Kim Jong Un warns North Korea is facing ‘worst ever’ famine

Kim Jong Un compares North Korea’s situation to 1990s famine that saw millions starve to death as US sanctions and Covid-19 leave the nation in its ‘worst-ever’ situation Kim Jong Un warned party cadres that North Korea is in its ‘worst ever’ situation  Told them to prepare for a ‘more difficult’ crisis than ‘Arduous March’ … Read more

Scottish student, 20, gets ‘worst haircut of his life’ at barber after Covid lockdown

Scottish student, 20, gets ‘worst haircut of his life’ on first visit to a barber after four months of Covid lockdown Andrew Riley, of Glasgow, visited hairdresser in Bearsden on April 7 – two days after they were allowed to reopen across Scotland He paid £12 for mid-skin fade – a tapered cut that ends between … Read more

Britain’s worst jail gets a PETTING ZOO so they can de-stress

Prisoners at one of Britain’s worst jails get a PETTING ZOO so they can de-stress by stroking gerbils and bunny rabbits Prisoners at HMP Hindley can book sessions with the animals to help with stress  A report praised the jail for coming up with ‘imaginative initiatives’ Petting zoos are known to help relax people, with animals … Read more

The best cooks have a grey kitchen while the worst paint theirs blue, poll reveals 

Shades of grey – they’re a sure sign of success! The best cooks have a grey kitchen while the worst paint theirs blue, poll reveals Those who say they are accomplished cooks are most likely to have grey kitchen Poll finds that top earners wear white and grouchy people wear checked shirts Just one per cent of … Read more

‘Depressing’ M5 Bridgwater services is named the worst in Britain as Gloucester is ranked best

We all seem to have an opinion on where in the country offers the best motorway service station for that all important pitstop. But now the debate seems to have finally been settled. For a survey by consumer group Which? has ranked the best and worst motorway service stations across the UK based on their … Read more

Clementine Ford brands MAFS’ Bryce ‘one of the worst men alive’ for humiliating Melissa

Feminist writer Clementine Ford has delivered a brutal takedown of Married At Firset Sight ‘villain’ Bryce Ruthven, following Sunday night’s commitment ceremony. During the car-crash episode, fans watched in horror as Bryce humiliated his ‘wife’ Melissa Rawson by initially choosing to ‘leave’ the experiment before changing his mind and writing ‘stay’.  After watching the scene … Read more

As daily deaths near 4,000, worst may lie ahead for Brazil

Brazil is responsible for more than a quarter of the world’s daily Covid deaths with thousands of patients lost every day, amid stark warnings worse is to come. The nation’s seven-day average of 2,400 deaths stands to reach to 3,000 within weeks and spikes could soon hit 4,000. Brazil has recorded more than 300,000 deaths … Read more

Covid Germany: Fears third wave could be worst yet with 100k daily infections

Germany warns its coronavirus third wave could be the worst yet with 100,000 daily infections Health official Lothar Wieler warned ‘this wave will be worse than the first two’  German health minister Jens Spahn warned hospitals could reach limit in April Angela Merkel this week had to scrap plans for an ultra-strict lockdown at Easter  … Read more