Basha: I withdrew 1 year ago to give a chance to the union of the Democrats

18:00 24/05/2023 On March 21 of last year, Lulzim Basha resigned from the leadership of the Democratic Party.He spoke about this decision today in his meeting with young people in Tirana. Basha says he gave up that post in the Democratic Party, so that the Democrats could unite. “We will enter a field that I … Read more

Drinking water supply, Veliaj: I believe it will reach 80% within the year

21:19 12/04/2023 The mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, stated this Wednesday in the studio of “Milori Live” in Klan News that within this year, almost 80% of the areas of Tirana will have drinking water supply. Veliaj emphasized that with the current funding, it is hoped that next year this figure will reach 99%. “The … Read more

Borrell interview for Tv Klan: Within the year, the first chapters of the negotiations will be opened

20:03 16/03/2023 During his stay in Tirana, the High Representative of the European Commission, Josep Borrell had the opportunity to give an interview to TV Klan. Borrell guarantees that the screening process will be completed within a few weeks and he says that within this year Albania will negotiate the first chapters with the EU, … Read more

Rama ridicules the opposition: On May 14, you will also win Vlora with Washington, this will be the 10th year of your victory

11:29 02/03/2023 In his speech to the Parliament in the motion for debate with the Parliament on the “McGonigal” issue, Prime Minister Edi Rama ridiculed the opposition for the May 14 local elections. The head of the government stated that he will not engage in any debate and discussion with the opposition, but according to … Read more

1 year since the Russian aggression, Berisha: PD strongly supports the resistance of the Ukrainian people

12:24 24/02/2023 On the 1st anniversary of the Russian attack on Ukraine, the head of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, said that he considers the heroic war of the Ukrainian nation against the Russian aggressor, as a war not only for the sovereignty and freedom of his country, but as a war of shield and … Read more

Godfather: 2023, the year of the Vjosa River

17:01 18/01/2023 98 mooring stations for vessels on the coast 2023 will be the ‘Year of Vjosa’ for the Ministry of Tourism and Environment. In the presentation of priorities for this year, Minister Mirela Kumbaro announced that the 7 municipalities through which the Vjosa River passes will be equipped with wastewater treatment plants, so that … Read more

“Pakoja e Madhe”, Rama: We wish that people with disabilities have an easier time this year

18:42 14/01/2023 The Prime Minister of the country, Edi Rama, wishes that the year 2023 will be as easy as possible for people with disabilities. Through a post on Facebook, the Prime Minister of the country, Edi Rama, adds that he is convinced that the aid from the Great Package together with the increased support … Read more

Rama: 2022, a difficult year due to war and prices. Berisha: Albanians were stolen

19:46 31/12/2022 Begay appealed to politics Prime Minister Edi Rama begins his traditional message to Albanians on the last day of the year with an apology. “I apologize if I overdid it, if I didn’t speak properly, if I was wrong, I’m very sorry! Like every year, I did everything I could, but not everything … Read more